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Software development CEO takes remote approach to business – Business – The Columbus Dispatch

Todd Kaufman didn’t have an adjustment period when the work world went remote in March — his employees already had been operating that way for nearly 10 years.

The Columbus software development firm Test Double has grown to 50 people since its start in 2011. The company, co-founded by Kaufman, has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for the past four years and, as of early July, was on track to beat 2019 sales by 10%.

Kaufman so much trusts his employees to act in the firm’s best interests, even while unsupervised, that he and co-founder Justin Searls closed on an employee stock ownership plan transaction just as the pandemic was setting in. Kaufman says it was a solid way to set up a financial exit for himself and keep the company culture intact by avoiding outside investors who might “wreck” it. Kaufman remains CEO and recently

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