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With or Without Finish Lines, Go Race For A Personal Victory

During this time without races, I’ve been talking to a lot of runners and thinking a lot about motivation. With the familiar guideposts of group runs, bucket list races, official clocks, and medals gone, how do we mark the calendar’s passing or give meaning to our miles?

Personally, I would argue that we never really needed those things at all. So many of our defining moments as runners are tied to arbitrarily defined distances and finish lines of other people’s making. We train to complete our first half marathon or win our age group at the local 5K. But more valuable than any medal is the knowledge that you control your own life and values, and you can conjure peace, stillness, empowerment, competitive fire, or whatever it is you run for, from within. Even with podiums canceled (for now), you can still capture that epic win. It’s something I like

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