Malik B appeared on four albums before leaving the group in 1999.


Billie Eilish may be a dark pop princess, but her future is bright. 

The breakout singer dropped her latest single, “My Future,” on Thursday. 

The song has a somewhat softer sound than we’ve been accustomed to, but still features the raw lyrics and stellar vocals we know and love.

In “My Future,” Eilish walks away from a relationship, deciding to put herself — and her future — first. She croons, “Can’t you hear me? // I’m not coming home // Do you understand? // I’ve changed my plans // Cause I // I’m in love // With my future // Can’t wait to meet her // And I // I’m in love // But not with anybody else // Just wanna get to know myself.”

The music video opens with a cartoon Eilish — green-tinged