What’s it like to start a new job when working remotely?

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Meeting your new team and being shown round the office is one of the biggest parts of starting a new job. But how does it feel when everyone is working from home?

Halfway through my video call with Nicole Rouwenhorst for this article, something embarrassing happens.

“Um, I’m afraid that’s the doorbell,” I say apologetically. “Can you stay on the video call for two minutes? Someone has arrived to collect my daughter’s scooter.”

Nicole laughs, because it’s exactly the point she was trying to make before we were so rudely interrupted.

The 23-year-old joined a marketing firm in Manchester called Social just as lockdown started. She had to get to know her 40 new colleagues purely online.

She had anxiety about building personal relationships this way. But it’s actually been fine, she says, precisely because of little incidents like my scooter visit.

“In some ways video calls are even better

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Personal Capital Reaches $1B In Assets Under Management In ESG

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Personal Capital, an online financial advisor, and personal wealth manager, formally announced its Socially Responsible Personal Strategy Investment portfolios surpassed $1 billion in assets under management.

What Happened? Alongside a historic liquidation in financial markets, investors helped fuel a 109% year-over-year growth in total assets managed in ESG portfolios, signaling a market-wide appetite for sustainable investing.

“We’ve seen assets managed in our ESG portfolios more than double year-over-year in every month since inception,” said Brendan Erne, Director of Portfolio Management at Personal Capital. “There is clearly a growing interest in those looking to invest more sustainably and responsibly.”

Since 2018, in partnership with Sustainalytics, a leader in ESG and corporate governance research, Personal Capital’s Socially Responsible Personal Strategy has provided investors the ability to make an impact with their portfolios.

“We use a combination of exclusive and inclusive filters, which allow us to avoid controversial categories and simultaneously

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7 Ways to Succeed When Virtually Pitching an Investor

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As the managing partner of a global startup accelerator in Hawaii and an active angel investor, I have listened to hundreds of virtual pitches since the world changed in March — and have seen entrepreneurs make the same mistakes over and over again.

I understand that virtual calls can be stressful. You finally have the chance to talk to an investor, and you’re doing your best to deliver a memorable pitch … and then the screen freezes, or you are distracted by interruptions, or WiFi goes down. It must be truly exhausting.

But the truth is, entrepreneurship is all about solving problems. If you can’t nail a virtual call, I worry about your ability to solve other, more critical issues in your business. Here are seven tips to get an investor’s attention and hold it during a virtual pitch.

1. Get a warm introduction.

Crisis hasn’t changed this old rule:

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Support Black Artists, Creatives, & Entrepreneurs With Airbnb

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As the Black Lives Matter movement continues garnering support on a global scale, there are plenty of ways to take an active part beyond spreading awareness through social media posts. Protests and petitions have been a crucial way to make collective demands for change, but it’s also important for us to make strategic monetary contributions that will support the Black community long term. From fashion brands to beauty businesses, Black-owned companies are starting to receive the long-overdue recognition that they so deserve (if you don’t know about the 15 Percent Pledge yet, read this). And, it doesn’t stop with online shopping — which is exactly where Airbnb comes into play.

If the online trip-booking platform serves as nothing more than a reminder of all the traveling you won’t be doing this summer, we’re here to convince you otherwise. While we haven’t figured out a way to teleport you to that

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What rich people are buying during coronavirus. Hint: It’s not toilet paper

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Miss Diamond Ring founder Michelle Demaree has been regularly selling hefty engagement rings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. <span class="copyright">(Michelle Demaree)</span>
Miss Diamond Ring founder Michelle Demaree has been regularly selling hefty engagement rings despite the COVID-19 pandemic. (Michelle Demaree)

A few weeks after much of the U.S. went into a shutdown because of the coronavirus, Peter Webster, cofounder and president of New York jewelry company Roberto Coin, got a call from a client who was seeking a 25th-anniversary gift for his wife.

In accordance with his client’s budget, Webster sent off a 120-carat diamond necklace, priced at $1.5 million, for consideration.

“That will buy a lot of forgiveness,” Webster said with a laugh a few weeks ago. “We’re seeing quite a few sales in the $50,000-to-$100,000 range. People have this pent-up frustration. They can’t go on their world trip so they will buy jewelry. There’s much more movement than I thought there was going to be.”

Wealthy people are generally still rich despite COVID-19, which has caused economic havoc and

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Why Poetry Books Often Aren’t Accessible to People With Disabilities

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Stack of books.
Stack of books.

A poem comes to my inbox or my podcast feed. Its images give me access to an unfamiliar experience. Its rhythm grips me. Words are the instruments that give sound to its message. The poet has a lesson to teach me, and a lesson isn’t often learned on the first try. I need to read more, so I type the poet’s name into a search bar and discover she’s published a collection. I go to Amazon to download a sample of its contents. There I find a metaphorically locked door. I knock, but the poet doesn’t answer. Chances are, she will never answer — because the collection isn’t available as an e-book, and I read only e-books and online material.

As I’ve written before in essays for The Mighty, I haven’t shunned the traditionally printed word out of mere inconvenience, though I don’t hold it against those

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the reality of being a shop assistant now

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As non-essential retail stores reopened around England, Monday marked the first day back for shop assistants up and down the country. An estimated 1.6million UK shop staff have been furloughed since March, when shops were forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For most retail staff, Monday’s return to semi-normality offered some relief – the huge crowds that turned out to shop on the high street could encourage anyone to believe that bricks and mortar retail will bounce back. But for all, the new normal also comes with plenty of changes to get used to. 

From managing how customers touch merchandise, to delivering ‘service with a smize’, here, employees at three of the UK’s most popular retail brands share their shop assistant diaries…

“There’s a lot of smizing going on”

says Rachel Pender, store manager for Pandora’s Fosse Park branch in Leicester 

“I got in at 7:30am to make

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Anker Soundcore Life Headphone on sale

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Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds.

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Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you’re used to the relative peace and quiet of being at an office most days. I’ve found that one of the best ways to filter out the noise of home life and stay focused while working has been to slip on a pair of headphones, play some coffee shop background noise and get on with my day. 

If you’re on the hunt for a set of headphones that’s effective at noise-cancelling, but are not willing to spend

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There are alternatives to the NHS coronavirus app if you’re worried about data privacy

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Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, Tom Peck. You have summarised brilliantly exactly how I feel about the current corrupt anti-democratic government.

I have been moved to write to my MP three times in the last couple of months having almost never done so before. (I wrote twice about Dominic Cummings and once about the government stopping using online voting.) I told him that I also won’t use the NHS app, for these same reasons. I don’t trust the use they will make of my data.

However I am using the Covid-19 tracker and symptom study, developed by Tim Spector and colleagues at Kings College London with health science company Zoe. They have the minimum of my data and are doing great research, currently trying to develop an online diagnostic tool for Covid-19. And this app is easy to use, it works and already has over 3.8m people contributing.

Elizabeth Sayers

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Everything you need to enjoy it from home as football returns to TV

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Football is set to return to our screens following a three-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With 92 games left to play in the season, sadly you won’t be able to see them in person, as strict social distancing measures have been put in place, meaning no fans are permitted and only a maximum of 300 people — including broadcast staff, journalists, commentators, doping officials and scouts — will be allowed inside stadiums on match days, as reported by The Independent.

However, you will be able to watch all the games across BT Sport, BBC Sport, Sky Sports and Amazon Prime.

Sky Sports is showing 64 games, 25 of which will be made free-to-air and available on Freeview, BT Sport will be showing 20 games, BBC Sport airing four and the remaining four will be shown for free on Amazon Prime which will not require an Amazon Prime

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