Parents and kids hate online classes. Going back to school likely will include more of it.

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In his suburban New Jersey home-turned-classroom this spring, parent Don Seaman quickly found himself in the role of household vice principal.

While his wife holed up in the bedroom to work each day, Seaman, a media and marketing professional, worked from the family room where he could supervise his children’s virtual learning. A similar scene played out in millions of American homes after schools shuttered and moved classes online to contain the coronavirus.

Now that the year’s over, Seaman has strong feelings about the experience: Despite the best efforts of teachers, virtual learning didn’t work. At least not uniformly, if his three children in elementary, middle and high school are any indication.

“The older kids were saying, ‘This is hell,'” Seaman said. “My kids feel isolated, and they can’t keep up, and they’re struggling with it.”

But like it or not, remote instruction and virtual learning are likely to continue

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Reopening California schools is dangerous. But so is letting kids go a year without learning

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Sean Brandlin, an eighth grade social studies teacher at El Segundo Middle School, stands in his classroom. <span class="copyright">(Los Angeles Times)</span>
Sean Brandlin, an eighth grade social studies teacher at El Segundo Middle School, stands in his classroom. (Los Angeles Times)

With COVID-19 cases at very low levels within its borders, Israel fully reopened its schools in mid-May. By the end of the month, 130 students at a Jerusalem high school had tested positive for the virus, setting off a flurry of quarantines for people who’d had physical contact with the students and the closure of dozens of schools.

This is the kind of outcome American parents dread as they contemplate sending their children back to school sometime this summer or fall.

It’s a troubling scenario, but so is the remote-learning experience of the past three months. The reality is, more kids will do better if schools reopen than if they continue online-only classes. But regardless of how we proceed, we must do better.

With little direction or help from federal

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Teaching Kids About Money: Activities, Tips, and Children’s Allowances

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  • Kids

    Money and Kids

    Your Child, Your Money, and Online Auctions

    Your Child, Your Money, and Online AuctionsTo Bid or Not to Bid?The toy section of eBay reads like a Christmas list, and for consumers of all ages, this is an irresistible way to make a purchase: Place a bid, then bid higher, then hope against ho…

    Katy Abel

  • Kids


    Allowance and Your Preschooler

    Allowance and Your Preschooler Before the age of four or five, most children have little concept of money and its function. Older preschoolers begin to understand its usefulness—and may want some of their own. Giving your four-year-old a smal…

  • Addition and Subtraction Printables

    Play Money

    Print this play money to help kids learn to count and manage dollars and cents! Cut out the realistic bills and coins for hours of math-related fun.

  • Kids

    Money and Kids

    Providing Financial Help to Your Independent Child

    Providing Financial Help to

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    Kids’ Money – Kids

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    Show Me the Money!

    This line from the classic Jerry McGuire movie rings true for most kids – Show me the money! Kids’ Money is all about giving kids the opportunity to learn about money and develop the financial skills and habits they will need as adults, by handling their own money as children.

    We advocate giving kids an allowance along with the responsibility to purchase and pay for many of the things they need and want while they’re growing up.

    We also give you the tools you need to make money on your own.

    Last, but not least, we give you information on specific areas of money management and how you can conquer the challenges you will face in each area.

    All you need to do is choose a Topic and select a Resource and you’re on your way. Enjoy the journey!

    Making Money

    Almost every kid is looking

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    Kids’ Health – Topics – Personal hygiene

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    Personal hygiene – taking care of your body

    hair; clothes; feet; deodorants; clean; hygiene; image; shoes; BO; sweat; body; odour; fungal infection; wart; image; smelly; sneakers; self esteem; anti-perspirants; perfume; smoke;


    hygieneKeeping your body clean is an important part of keeping you healthy and helping you to feel good about yourself.

    Caring about the way you look is important to your self esteem (what you think about yourself).  This topic gives you some ideas on looking your best.  By the way, you don’t need to wear the latest designer clothing to look good.  There are other things you can do which are much more important for your “image”.

    Smelling clean

    body odourHave you ever walked into a classroom full of kids when all the windows are closed? PhWew!!

    According to the experts young kids may sweat but they don’t start having body odour (BO) until they reach puberty. That’s when

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    Benefits, Creating a Routine, In Kids, and More

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    Personal hygiene is how you care for your body. This practice includes bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and more.

    Every day, you come into contact with millions of outside germs and viruses. They can linger on your body, and in some cases, they may make you sick. Personal hygiene practices can help you and the people around you prevent illnesses. They can also help you feel good about your appearance.

    Learn more about why hygiene is so important, the best ways to practice it, and how you can change your habits to make yourself feel and look better.

    Each person’s idea of personal hygiene differs. These main categories are a useful place to start for building good hygiene habits:

    Toilet hygiene

    Wash your hands after you use the restroom. Scrub with soap for 20 to 30 seconds, and be sure to clean between your fingers, on the back

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    50 Small Business Ideas for Kids

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    Entrepreneurship can start early. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to start their very own businesses at a young age. In some cases, they might need adult help or supervision. But here are 50 different business ideas for kids that might appeal to young entrepreneurs.

    Small Business Ideas for Kids

    Lemonade Seller

    50 Small Business Ideas for Kids - Lemonade Seller

    Lemonade stands are certainly popular businesses for kids. So you can start your own stand with the right permits and help from an adult. Or you could even create a new lemonade product and get it into stores.


    Kids can also use creativity to come up with ideas for whole new products and then create those products or even sell the ideas.

    Chores Service Operator

    Chores like laundry and even yard cleanup can also provide business opportunities for kids, who can offer to take care of those items for a set fee.

    Kids’ Book

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    Fun free online learning games and activities for kids.

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    “Fun Site

    of the Week!”
    Terrific online

    educational games, especially geography.
    -Dallas Children’s Museum



    animal quizzes
    Animal Quizzes

    games are being converted for all devices

    geography continent games

    At our educational website, we have hundreds of free, online, learning games for kids.
    But anyone interested in online learning can use our site –

    we have so many
    subjects – (geography, math, animals, science,

    language arts, creative actibities, health) and lots of

    levels for all abilities –
    loads of games and activities for learners of any age.

    Over the last year we’ve had over 20 million visitors

    over 5 million hours of learning!

    Recommended sections per level:

    Preschool and Kindergarten
    *Preschool/Kindergarten* (numbers, colors, shapes, alphabet, animals)
    *Preschool Animals* (movies, create games, games, flashcards)
    *Animal Kid’s Corner* (lower row – puzzles, matching games, painting)
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