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April 7, 2020

an agile approach to measuring marketing effectiveness offers speed and flexibility

With the business world — and the world at large, for that matter — changing at what feels like a moment’s notice, businesses and brands have never been required to be as limber as in this current moment. Marketing leaders want hard evidence and objective facts for decision making. It wasn’t long ago that multi-touch attribution was the prized child of the hype cycle among marketers. [More…]

April 6, 2020

by the time the extent of cybercrime during the pandemic and its effect on privacy are understood it may be too late

Life as we knew it before the coronavirus is gone forever, and many changes will manifest in the pandemic’s aftermath. How will it impact privacy laws around the globe? No one knows for sure, and we will not know until after the coronavirus is behind us. Cybercriminals long have been taking advantage of the Internet, and now the spread of COVID-19 has sped up their evil work. [More…]

April 4, 2020

salesforce and zoho are among the companies offering free services to businesses during pandemic

Adobe just announced what it calls
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