11 Tips on How and When to File an Amended Tax Return

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Everyone makes mistakes. And sometimes you don’t even realize your errors until well after they’re made. But what if you suddenly realize there’s a mistake on a tax return that you filed months (or years) ago? Or what if there’s a new development that affects the amount of tax you should have paid on a previous return? What do you do now? Whether the mistake or development is in your favor or the government’s, filing an amended tax return is often the next step.

Filing an amended return isn’t particularly difficult, but there are a few things you should know about the process before getting started. It also helps to be familiar with some of the more-common occurrences that can trigger the need for an amended return (in addition to just a mistake). That way, you’ll know to check your previously filed return if and when they happen. Because every … Read More

Top 10 Estate Planning Tips in a Time of Coronavirus

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It has arrived: the unexpected, potentially life-threatening circumstance you had in mind when you set up your estate plan, and now you’re feeling really relieved that you took care of it before the emergency struck. Right?

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Even if you haven’t already set up your estate plan, and even in today’s world of social distancing, it isn’t too late to get your affairs in order so that you and your family are prepared for the worst. There may be some things out of your control right now, but your estate plan isn’t one of them. Here is what you need, and how you can get it set up, even though — lucky you — you can’t get within 6 feet of a lawyer.

Advance Health Care Directive

Sometimes called a patient advocate designation or health care proxy, this document names

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5 Tips From Master Griller Mark Bittman

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It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.

The American cookout is in season, and savory staples like hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob are roasting on grills across the country.

Between beers, burgers and potato salad, hosting a backyard barbecue can burn a hole straight through your wallet.

So how can you save money this summer? We consulted an expert.

5 Cheap Grilling Ideas for Summer

Mark Bittman, author of 20 books including “How to Grill Everything,” knows his way around a grill. The former New York Times columnist gave us some tips on how to break out the grill without breaking the bank.

1. Stick to the Basics When You Buy Grilling Accessories

Aileen Perilla/The Penny Hoarder

Walk down any grilling aisle or peruse grilling goods online, and you’re bombarded with a trove of pricy accessories.

But Bittman said the only accessories you really need are

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Personal Finance News Information Tips

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Greetings all,

I guess it’s about time to shut down this blog, Top Finance Blog. It’s been a nice run of 11 years and initially I had a lot of fun and made some nice money, but those days are gone and it’s time to move on.

Since I never had many return visitors or subscribers and had only one comment in the last 5 months, I doubt anyone will actually read this. But that’s okay because I’m turning off comments in any case, so I’ll probably never know if anyone ever cared about most of the content here in the last few years or so.

However, if there were things here that interested you, here’s a bit of information for you. Many of the articles here will be repurpose elsewhere. They’ll either go to my accountant’s blog, who I write for, or my relatively local blog, Syracuse Wiki, where

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Teaching Kids About Money: Activities, Tips, and Children’s Allowances

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  • Money and Kids

    Your Child, Your Money, and Online Auctions

    Your Child, Your Money, and Online AuctionsTo Bid or Not to Bid?The toy section of eBay reads like a Christmas list, and for consumers of all ages, this is an irresistible way to make a purchase: Place a bid, then bid higher, then hope against ho…

    Katy Abel

  • Allowance

    Allowance and Your Preschooler

    Allowance and Your Preschooler Before the age of four or five, most children have little concept of money and its function. Older preschoolers begin to understand its usefulness—and may want some of their own. Giving your four-year-old a smal…

  • Addition and Subtraction Printables

    Play Money

    Print this play money to help kids learn to count and manage dollars and cents! Cut out the realistic bills and coins for hours of math-related fun.

  • Money and Kids

    Providing Financial Help to Your Independent Child

    Providing Financial Help to

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    Information and Tips to Help You Save money

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    Comparing quotes can save you money now, but to keep your rates low, year after year, you must understand how your policy works, and what options can cost or save you money.

    Use our guides to learn about your own auto insurance, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars on your next policy:

    The Basics
    explains the most basic concepts of auto insurance, from liability to PIP.

    Car Insurance Options
    goes a little deeper, helping you choose among the many options available on a standard policy.

    State-by-State Guides
    contain local law and regulation info, as well as links to auto insurance providers in your area.

    You’ll learn about specific issues, such as no fault insurance and high risk auto insurance, and be able to apply this knowledge to get the best discounts from your insurer.

    See How Much You Could Save:

    Save $300-400 or more with discount rates from all

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    Business Analytics/Business Intelligence information, news and tips

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    New & Notable

    Topics Covered

    • Business intelligence management (8)

    • Business intelligence technology and platforms (11)

    • Corporate performance management strategy (3)

    • Data analytics (8)

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    • Data warehouse design and administration (7)

    Find Solutions For Your Project

    Pro+ Business Analytics Downloads

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    Business Analytics/Business Intelligence Basics


    Sections from across SearchBusinessAnalytics

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    Tips to Make Money Online With Your Website

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    Making Money

    Don’t read any more of this page until you truly understand what it takes to make money online. Click here to learn the fundamentals and avoid common mistakes.

    I am so thankful for the Internet because I have been able to earn a passive income from my sites since 1998, and I was able to leave my 9 to 5 in 2006. The image above is a snapshot of my ShareASale affiliate program payment.

    (Learn more about affiliate marketing here.)

    One reason I’m able to do so well with that program is I teach people how to use and customize the theme so a lot of people buy the product from my link. That’s where most of those earnings above come from.pile of money

    You can also make money online using the same principles in almost any niche, but you have to know that times have changed. Now,

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    AFTA Personal trainer certification, fitness certification, fitness tips, fitness articles, bob harper, bob harper trainer, nutrition certification, personal training education courses, online personal trainer certification

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    New Continuing Education Courses
    have been added on the Recertification page!


    Making a positive difference in
    the health, wellness, and fitness of people around you is a goal you
    can accomplish.  AFTA’s continuing research in the personal
    trainer, fitness-related, and nutrition fields gives you up-to-date
    certification courses.



    The more training and education you
    have, the better and more credible you’ll be as a trainer or
    instructor.  Continuing education courses and additional
    certifications can help you achieve that goal. 


    In addition to
    single certification courses, AFTA also offers combination courses
    and partner programs for discounted purchases. Partner programs are
    explained further on each course’s webpage.




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    15 Tips for Your Medical School Personal Statement

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    Don’t underestimate the power of the medical school personal statement to make a strong, positive impression on an admissions committee. Combined with your interview performance, your personal statement can account for 60% (or more) of your total admissions score!

    Medical schools want to enroll bright, empathetic, communicative people. Here’s how to write a compelling med school personal statement that shows schools who you are and what you’re capable of.

    Medical school personal statement

    Personal Statement Topics

    Your medical school personal statement is a component of your primary application submitted via, TMDSAS (for Texas applications), or AACOMAS (NB: If you are applying to medical school in Canada, confirm the application process with your school, as not all application components may be submitted through AMCAS).

    These applications offer broad topics to consider, and many essay approaches are acceptable. For example, you could write about:

    • an experience that challenged or changed your
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