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MOSCOW, September 4. /TASS/. Businessmen from a number of countries share the view that the closing of borders between countries due to the coronavirus pandemic was a mistake as anti-epidemic measures could have been observed with the help of international protocols and regulations, Russia’s Presidential Commissioner for the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights Boris Titov told reporters at the Stolypin Forum on Friday.

“Businesses are surely interested in open borders [between countries], otherwise they become uncompetitive, which affects the efficiency of operations. An incredibly quick closing of Italy became an example for many countries, though businesses, particularly those present here, believe that the same security support results could have been reached with the help of protocols and regulations,” he said.

Such “mistakes badly affect the economy, eventually impacting businessmen and consumers,” Titov said, adding that business can help countries get closer economically, without focusing on politics. “Today only business can bring all together,” he noted.

The third Stolypin Forum dubbed ‘The Immune System of the World Economy’ in taking place in Moscow on September 3-4. Around 200 speakers from 40 countries are participating in business events offline and online. TASS is the forum’s information partner.

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