Getting your pounds in order

I (44F) found out yesterday that my UC application had been declined due to failing habitual residence test.

I have been living here since 2014 and have pre-settled status. What angers me is that no explanation was given just case closed. Even after I send the proof of my status.

After reading lots of articles online I found out this seems to be a cruel loop hole they use against EU citizens. As much I can tell his is against article 23 where Britain agreed to provide services to pre-settled and settled people after registration.

My maternity contract ended in December and after a short temp job in January I was interviewing for a fab job all Feb. Made it down to final 2 and simply missed out. The day after Corona happened. I have lived off my savings until now but after May I will be broke.

I adulted so well and been proactive about all my obligations just to have a wrench thrown between my legs now. I tried getting a job at the local hospital and supermarket hit due to having asthma, anxiety and depression (which right now is on high) I was told that I need to self isolate rather then expose myself. I have send out over 100 applications and yet nothing. Even my recruiter don’t have anything to offer right now.

I feel let down by a government and country in which I studied, spend money, paid taxes, volunteered and supported local business.

So today I have made a new UC application and also upgraded my pre- settled status.

Anyone else out there having the same problems? Where you successful on your 2nd application? Thanks guys and stay safe!!

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