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Table of Contents 1. personal adjective. (ˈpɝːsɪnəl) Concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality. 2. personal adjective. (ˈpɝːsɪnəl) Particular to a given individual. 3. personal adjective. (ˈpɝːsɪnəl) Intimately concerning a person’s body or physical being. 4. personal noun. (ˈpɝːsɪnəl) A short […]

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Microsoft Money is a personal finance management software program by Microsoft. It has capabilities for viewing bank account balances, creating budgets, and tracking expenses, among other features.[1] It was designed for computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system, and versions for Windows Mobile were also available (available for Money 2000-2006 […]