This High-Design Personal Submarine Is The Must-Have Accessory For Summer

A recent recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, U-Boat Worx’s Nemo is world’s…

A recent recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, U-Boat Worx’s Nemo is world’s smallest and lightest submersible.

In July 2020, the Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx announced its success at the highly respected international design competition, the Red Dot Design Awards. The Nemo won a Red Dot Award for design excellence, as well as recognition as “best of the best” in the Mobility and Transportation category. Along with its award-winning stylistic virtues, the Nemo can dive up to 100 meters, making it a big draw for yachts owners and yacht-charter guests alike.

“Personal submarines are an exciting and impressive addition to any toy locker and have become increasingly stylish and more sought after, especially for owners desiring adventurous itineraries,” says Julia Simpson, Broker & Communications Manager at SuperYachtsMonaco, a boutique superyacht brokerage handling both charters and sales.

At 5 feet tall and 5,510 pounds, the Nemo not only fits aboard a variety of ships (it’s essentially the same size as two jet-skis), but it also can be deployed from land and it can even be towed behind a car.

“Yachts that carry their own submarine tend to be explorer style – robust superyachts, built for long-distance cruising to untouched destinations. Owners who love to explore, but don’t want to compromise on the sporty lines of their sleek superyacht, are opting more and more for a support vessel solution, on which a submarine and other specialist toys and tenders can be carried in tandem with the superyacht mothership, rather than on-board,” says Simpson.

Though personal submarine ownerships remains a niche market, Simpson can see a demand for from “clients who love adventure and are fascinated by the natural world.”

The Nemo’s completely transparent acrylic-sphere window was purpose-built with the undersea landscape in mind. “Destinations we’ve known people to explore with their subs include the Antarctic, where the submarine allows you to avoid frostbite and see some unique sea life up close and personal, including penguins, seals and species with what is known as polar gigantism, such as giant sea stars and spiders. Or at the more tropical end of the scale, Tahiti is spectacular in its range of underwater flora and fauna including Blacktip reef sharks and Lemon sharks.”

The fully air-conditioned Nemo is designed to fit one passenger and one pilot (12-day training courses are offered to all purchasers at U-Boat Worx’s training facility in Curaçao). Whereas most personal submersibles are built to order, the Nemo is the world’s only series-produced submarine, which makes them competitively priced within the market. However, don’t expect this superyacht accessory to come cheap: Prices start at €975,000 ($1,154,936). Find out more.

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